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What’s your Broadway Bomb Setup?

written by TeamBustin September 19, 2010

We’re a month out from the Broadway Bomb, and no doubt many of you are out on the streets pushing hard every day to prepare for the race. I have been out pushing as well, testing out different setups, setting up a lot of your boards, and hypothesizing about what boards are going to take you the fastest down Broadway with the least amount of effort. I even got a Garmin GPS watch a couple weeks ago to track my progress so I could create a clear link between effort and speed. There’s still room for a little bit of tweaking between now and race day, but at the moment, here’s what I’ll be rockin for the Bomb:

Board: Bustin Strike

Trucks: Randal 180

Wheels: 83mm, 75a Flywheels

Bearings: Something Ceramic


Front – Venom SHR 86a Barrel Boardside, Venom 83a Barrel Roadside

Back – Venom 87a Eliminator Boardside, Venom SHR 86a Barrel Roadside

The Strike is not the only push deck out there, but it is one of the best. For weeks, I was convinced that a topmount would give me more power from the push, allowing me to drive harder downward, using gravity to my advantage. I’m not sure about top speed, but 16-18mph feels like a breeze on this thing compared to the topmount. It is significantly lower to the ground, and the cutouts allow me to use BIG wheels. The deck is curvy in the right places and flat in the right places, and I know it won’t be giving me a foot cramp like many of today’s highly cambered drop through decks would. I don’t get quite as much control on it as I would like, but I attribute that to the bushing setup I have chosen to keep from getting wheelbite. It’s a give and take–it could be much more maneuverable with 66 or 70mm wheels, and it could come back to bite me if I run into some sticky situations, but it still cuts on a dime and is very pumpable at higher speeds and the big 83mm wheels will hold speed much better than a 70mm would.

Randal trucks have been around forever, and I trust them…and I had an extra pair that hadn’t been put on a board in a while, so that’s why I went with those. They’re known to be super carvy, but with my bushing setup, I’m not really making the most of them anyway, so I probably would’ve been fine with any reverse kingpin, 180mm-ish truck. Another really awesome option here is using the Indy 215. Independent trucks are super low to the ground, and the 215 has a 183mm axle length, making it just barely wider than the 180mm Randal. It’s a fair trade off, and if you step on a board with Randals and then step on one with 215s, you will easily notice the difference in ride height.

I went with the 83mm Flywheels because they’ve been tried and tested. Mark Schaperow won the Broadway Bomb on them last year. They’ll roll over just about anything, and they’ll hold speed. The main reason I wanted them is because they’re a center set wheel, and though I normally wouldn’t ride 180mm trucks if I could avoid it, these wheels hardly protrude any further out than the axle of the trucks, making the board still feel streamline under my feet and providing less of a chance of me accidentally stepping on some urethane and eating cement.

I’ve been training with standard ABEC7 bearings. I will move up to ceramics when I can, because they’re the fastest out there, and I don’t want to give myself any excuse to slow down. Even if they only save me 3 or 4 pushes over 8 miles, it could be the difference between making the end of the light or not. I choose to make the light! Be on the lookout for the ceramic built-in bearings in the shop. I doubt they’ll last long.

Bushing choice is very subjective. I am usually somewhat partial to Reflex bushings, but I went 100% Venom with this setup, because they’re a little shorter and would not affect the natural angle of the trucks. The eliminator I have in back is very stable, and there’s no doubt I could take this board way faster than I will ever go at the Bomb and be very comfortable, and the SHR bushings have the best return to center that I’ve felt on any setup.

If you’re around the shop over the next month, feel free to ask for a ride on my new whip. I’m definitely a little partial to it, but I’m curious–what’s your Broadway Bomb setup?

Til next time.



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Nik September 20, 2010 at 3:22 pm

My Broadway bomb set up is
Bustin Maestro
70mm 84a Bustin Bocas
Randal 180mm trucks
super reds bearings

Bushing setup
Lime reflex at the bottom
orange reflex at the top
on the front and the back of the board

this set up suits me very well and i am pretty sure it can handle the bomb. this is my first bomb. UBER STOKED

NikolosR September 20, 2010 at 3:39 pm

My Broadway Bomb set up:

Bustin Maestro
Randall 180mm
Bustin 70mm 84a Boca wheels
Super Reds bearings

Bushing Set up:

Lime reflex barrels on the bottom at front and back
Orange reflex large cones on top at front and back.

this is my first bomb and I am pretty sure this set up will handle it.
I am UBER STOKED only 26 days left

jamieson September 21, 2010 at 1:46 am

My bomb setup will be the same as my daily ride setup:

Bustin Maestro
Randal 180
Khiro barrel/short cone “85a”, screwed down tight
Ceramic built-in bearings
Yellow Otang Stims
Tube Pivots 😀

Lord Victor September 22, 2010 at 7:53 am

My sector 9
Radall 150
Fat Free Orangatang
Abec Bearings
Normal Bushings..

I will wait for you in the Final Line.

(that`s not true, I still thinking about what use)

Robskey September 23, 2010 at 3:54 am

Eastside DropKick – 5th place in 2009, can’t wait for this years 10th anniversary!


Jeff September 24, 2010 at 9:57 am

Is that “The Leg?”! Helllls yea boyeeee see you there

corey September 26, 2010 at 11:34 am

bustin strike
randal 180s
debating between my beat 83 durians or freshly broken in 81 zigs
front: rockin 79a khiro cones in front with a bitch on bottom
back: 85 cone on top and 79 cone on bottom
all rolling on good ole bones reds bearings

Julian M. October 2, 2010 at 3:25 pm

Longboard Larry Komodo, randals, purple in heats, some carvy stock randal bushings, and bones swiss. Fuck a pusher, I’m on my dancer!!

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