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What’s Your Set-up – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Bubbles July 27, 2012

So for this week, I decided to reach out to my fellows around the office, in the shop, etc etc, and find out a little bit about what they love about their Bustin Boards.  We’ve got some comments from Jeff Vyain, our Research and Development artificer, and Nick Coolhands, the head honcho in Brooklyn.  Next week we’ll pick it up with Derrick Iavarone, SKP wizard of the Longboard Loft, Lindsey Turner, the girl behind the scenes keeping us stocked with the latest and greatest gear, and you’ll get a little of my “Bubbly” perspective to boot…

So Jeff!  What do you have for us!

Yoface, Indy 169, City Slashers – I like to ride this whenever I want to pretend like I’m a real skateboarder. Or when I want to ride a mini ramp. Or when I want to get sketchy on a hill to make it more fun. I keep soft wheels on it. Our hills in NYC aren’t huge so boards like this can make them feel bigger and scarier. The concave on this thing rocks and locks and it’s a guaranteed good time.”

Solid set-up for kicking around and having a blast, but aren’t you more of a push / pump guy?  What else do you LOVE?

“My everyday board is a composite Sportster. I’ve been riding it for months, and it’s my favorite board. It’s super low to the ground so I can always push it anywhere, the concave locks you in so hard, and everything just combines to make anything you do on this board easy and comfortable. I have learned and improved my slides, I learned toe-side checks on this thing, and then when I transfer it over into a top mount, my body has figured out how to move properly, so my riding has improved no matter what board I’m riding. I set it up with Ronin 172mm 45-degree trucks in front and back and usually white 75a Swift wheels. I feel kind of bad for having this setup because it is honestly too good for me.”

Says the winner of 2 Adrenalina marathones in 2011… Thanks for the insight man!  Now I’d like to head back to our flagship store and the dude in charge, Nick Coolhands.  Hey Nick!

“I’m going to have to make the easy choice and go with my Robot 36, to me it is easily the best board to surf the city, in and out.  The Surf Rodz make it more fun to drift and make my way through the city at a fast pace.  The concave on the Robot with the INDeeSZ trucks makes it super reactive, best traffic surfing board and city pusher you can find.  For wheels, I go Yellow Will Royce’s, they grip the smooth concrete perfectly and when I make those hard turns around cabs through the city, it dosent drift out on me.”

Sick $h!t Nick!  We’re gonna leave you with that for now, and pick back up with some more of the crew next week, stay tuned!


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