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What’s your set-up // Cameron Steger

written by Bubbles May 9, 2017

This week we’re checking in with mid-west shredder and all-around homie, Cameron Steger.  Cam and his buds out in MI run Tribe Supply Co., a lifestyle and apparel brand – but most often, Cameron and the Tirbe…. tribe…. can be found hitting hills, local golf paths, or really anything they can skate.

So when it comes to what our “Skate Everything” ethos means to you, Cam, what’s your whip?

“I ride the Shrike (duh) with some Rey trucks and Five-0 wheels, though I do wanna try different trucks soon though.  I fell in love with the Shrike primarily due to the micro drop pockets, and since I’m a smaller rider, I love that short wheelbase.”

Talk to us about Rey trucks.  Are they still around?  Regardless, how do you feel about them?

“I like my Rey trucks, but no, they’re not really around anymore, so I’m looking to move on too.  I’ve put some time on friends Savants and Aera trucks, one of those will probably be my new snag.  I feel like I need more Surf in my trucks, I don’t want lean unless I’m going super fast. I love surfing down runs, throwing more slides instead of taking the fastest line. I also like to throw techy tricks and you don’t really want lean trucks for that.”

Cool beans, so, real talk: I know Will and Five-O are stoked on your riding ability and support your urethane addiction, but if you weren’t supported by Five-O would you still ride them?

“Hahaha yes, yes I would.  I really do think seeing your thane makes you better, shows you what you’re doing wrong. If all four wheels aren’t painting, you aren’t staying strong on your front foot(balance wise). But in all honesty I like how constant the Five-O thane is but they do die quick so that’s a pretty penny that adds up quick when you skate everyday.”

Any closing thoughts for the kids at home?

“Don’t get bored with skating, if you get bored you need to try something different or try riding switch. Oh and I can’t stress this one enough, don’t shut another type of skating out. You never know what you might like until you try it. Don’t hate, just skate.”


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