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What’s your set-up // Ian Sterling

written by Bubbles April 4, 2017

Hi all!  Thanks for tuning back in for this release of “What’s Your Set-Up”.  This week I’m doing it a little different.  I was out on the shipping floor, helping out our man Layne with quick ships and custom orders, when I stumbled upon easily my favorite board from today’s shipments.  Since I can’t ASK Ian Sterling about his set-up (well I could, but not before we get his board shipped out) I thought I’d come up with the answers I think he’d give us.  So, Ian Sterling: This is why I think you picked your set-up!

First off the Modela deck.  The Modela does fall into what we classify as our “Cruiser” line, but with a fully-functional and super-lively kicktail, and a relatively little amount of flex, the Modela also shines as a freestyle / street / hill board (it really can do anything if you’re down to push yourself!)

That Jack-Of-All-Trades lifestyle is continued by Ian’s choice of Bear Kodiak trucks.  These forged beauties are stronger, and more true to accurate geometry than traditional cast trucks.  This means that while they’ll feel just as good on the boardwalk as say, a cast Bear Grizzly, they have the added benefit of confidence at speed.  Downhill / Freestyle / Cruiser hybrid on the way!

Next up: Wheels.  Ian went with the Five-0 Royce Pro wheels in 64mm.  Small means light for using the tail to it’s fullest functionality.  Combined with a thick, rounded lip, and proprietary SLIDY urethane ALSO makes these wheels a dream when getting sideways.  The release and hook-up of Five-0 urethane is legendary and the 64 Royce’s are going to really excel at slope-side skating.

Last we’ve got to look at bearings.  Ian decided to upgrade all the way with his Bustin Built-In Ceramic bearings.  The Ceramic material means the bearings will do a better job of eliminating and expelling grit, meaning they will stay cleaner longer than a traditional steel bearing.  But the pivotal point of these bearings in my opinion, is the built-in spacer.  We’ve recognized over the years that there is no true standard for bearing spacers or wheel hubs, so our answer has been to eliminate the question by including a built-in spacer and speed ring on ALL of our higher end bearings.

Thanks Ian for letting me guess at what was on your mind when you designed your board, and again, let me say, GREAT choices, definitely my favorite board today!


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