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What’s Your Set-Up // Shippin’ Layne

written by Bubbles March 24, 2017

After a brief break, we’re back this week with another edition of “What’s Your Set-Up”!  This time we’re keeping in the warehouse and hitting up someone you may recognize from his segment – Layne’s Lunch Line.  Layne is our in house Shipping Master, skate representative, and all around homie.  So, Layne, what’s your set-up?

“I ride a Bustin Street deck – the 8.0 size.  With Caliber 8.0 TKP’s and Bones 56mm wheels.  I like the 8.0 because it’s just the right size for flip tricks while giving me confidence on the board.  I’ve found that the Caliber’s have a really good weight to them, not like, too heavy, but solid.  A lot of people look for the absolute lightest trucks they can find for maximum lift, but I find that the Calibers really seem to feel right.  And Bones is just a great reliable wheel, not sure what else to say about them!

Oh!  And of course my Union sticker – put one of those on every deck I ride!”


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