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What’s Your Setup? — Leon “The Lion” Vincent —

written by Bubbles February 16, 2017

Hey kids!  This week we decided to check in with our homie Leon crushing it up in NYC to see what wood he’s pushing – without further adieu, Hey Leon!  What’s your set-up?

Leon crushing Central Mass – photo by Ross Earhart Photography

“Well my favorite set-up for ‘Skate Everything’ needs right now is definitely the Bamboo-X Shrike board.  I set it up with Paris trucks equipped with some Five-0 wheels.  Snipers for speed – love that sharp lip, and Classics for getting slideways…

“When I’m in the mood to mob through the city, my weapon of choice is the Bamboo-X Sportster.  Super low for that endless push.  I usually set it up with Paris trucks again and 70mm Sniper wheels, I need that grip confidence when I’m dodging taxi cabs!”

Stay tuned for next weeks edition of “What’s Your Set-up” and keep sending in your pics and words for a chance to be featured!


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