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What’s Your Setup? — Max Ballesteros —

written by Bubbles February 9, 2017

Today on “What’s Your Setup?”, we bring you the inner workings of the hill crusher currently under the feet of one of our pro-riders – Downhill Demon, Max Ballesteros.  So we reached out to Max and asked him what he was riding currently.

The Bustin Shotgun board.  Our upcoming (I know, but really, this spring!) downhill Pro Model for Max himself!



Ronin Pro Lite 154mm 45° / 30° trucks.  This setup gives him the advantage of being able to ride any hill he wants with little effort.  Max rides his trucks split and with a narrow hanger for full stability and grip.


RAD MB Influence 74mm 77a wheels.  His own model wheel cooked up by the folks at RAD!


His grip and Built-in Ceramic bearings come from Hondar.

Thanks for joining us as we visit Max and his personal arsenal of choice.  Check in next week and we’ll take a look at what’s under the feet of another skateboarder out in the world.  Send us your setups, tag #BustinSetup, and we could feature yours in an upcoming segment!



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