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Wheelbase Magazine reviews the BGDK – Bustin Blog

written by Bubbles November 7, 2013

Big shout out to Marcus, Seth and Tom over at Wheelbase Mag for taking the time to get to know our BGDK and for producing this well created, well thought out review!  We sent them over one of these bad-boys to be put through the paces in Cali, and they, as always, did not disappoint!  The guys over on the other coast did a great job of hitting different types of terrain to let the board shine, and also were not afraid to point out what could be done better (no project is ever finished!)

Unfortunately we are currently sold out of the BGDK online, HOWEVER, without giving too much away, it’s worth mentioning that we’ve taken your thoughts and comments to heart, and come next week, should have some fresh, improved, lighter BGDK’s landing in the warehouse, keep you eyes peeled!

Cheers and enjoy the ride,


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