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Wheelbase Magazine Visits Bustin, NYC

written by TeamBustin November 8, 2012

A couple weeks ago, during Broadway Bomb weekend, we had the pleasure of hanging with Marcus Bandy from Wheelbase Magazine, an awesome online skate mag known for its good vibes and dope style. Marcus stayed at my house during the Bomb along with Cameron Frazier (Rayne rider and organizer of King of Clermont DH), Ken from Skanunu (the best bearing cleaner/lubricant on the planet!), and Dave Aparicio (Bustin flow rider from Colorado) and his girlfriend Monica. It was one big happy family in the Vyain/McHugh household. Lots of good times, laughs, and beers were enjoyed. And of course a lot, lot, lot of skating!

There is more video coming, but I wanted to share with you guys some of the stuff we’ve been doing with our friends at Wheelbase. We have the pleasure of being one of the advertisers/supporters of WB. We dig what they’re doing! And while providing content for their readers, we’ve been blessed with some dope, in depth product reviews of some of the Bustin products, and on Broadway Bomb weekend, they followed us around to experience the Broadway Bomb weekend with Bustin and other local skaters.

Check out the vids!

The 2012 Broadway Bomb. Wheelbase Edition. Nevermind the Braveheart speech. Somebody had to round of the freakin troops!

Wheelbase Review: The Bustin Boards “Yoface”. We’ve done some cool videos featuring the Yoface, but it’s ALWAYS awesome watching someone else shred your board, and these guys do it right. Some great west coast flavor in here.

Wheelbase Review: Bustin Boards “EQ 36”. The first Bustin review from Wheelbasemag. Justin Preston shreds.

Finally, check out Wheelbase’s newest video from Broadway Bomb weekend featuring the Skate for Life Slidejam hosted by our friends at Earthwing Skateboards. Tons of shredding from riders all over the world in here, and so much good vibes. Shoutout to our friends at Muirskate for bringing the whole crew out to NYC over the weekend and showing up with the skillz. These guys shred so hard and always leave a ton of stoke in their wake.

Thanks for reading/watching, and if you’ve got more time on your hands, be sure to check out the Video Interuptions section of the Wheelbase site. These videos were responsible for a ton of laughs over the weekend. Mind blowing stuff here. Like seriously, this stuff will expand your universe of what you thought was possible from the human brain.

Keep smilin’ and we’ll see you next time! One love.


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