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Why I Skate: Profile of Mike Dallas

written by Mike November 3, 2008

Busy shredding, creating skateboards and coaching a swim team, I found some time to answer the Bustin Rider questions.

Name: Mike Dallas

Nickname: Mike D, Dallas

Age: 27

Birthplace: Eaton Rapids, Michigan

Where have you lived: E.R., Michigan, Rockford, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, Evart, MI, Daytona Beach, Florida, Harlem, Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, Lower East Side Manhattan

How much skating experience do you have:  I kicked it in the local church parking lot and at the vert park growing up and had love but no tricks.  I was introduced to longboarding by my good friend Dave Knight.  We were watersports instructor/boat driver/lifeguards at this sweet summer camp called Springhill.  Working as a rep for Envy Skateboards, he shredded an Envy Twin and hooked me up with an Envy Classic for $100.  Going into college, it changed my life.

What is your skating discipline:  Self-trained campus cruiser gone city hills switched beach bum slash sand slider inspired city thrasher extraordinaire. 

What got you started:  Dave Knight, downhill skiing, wakeboarding, water skiing, sledding, boats, inspiration, change, Michigan…….

Why do you skate so much:  I grew up downhill skiing and longboarding movements are ski inspired.  Unable to afford ske resort taxes I have adapted my passion onto pavement and more sustainable freedom.  When I skate, nothing else matters.

What is your favorite Bustin Custom Setup:  R.I.P. Prototype #6.  Secret Formula.

Why do you chill with Bustin:  Because:  Great minds often encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds.  Bustin enables me.

 Do you drink:  When I’m feelin it.


Do you smoke:  Get to know me.

Favorite food:  Yesterdog, Chicago Hot Italian Beef sandwiches, Gino’s Pizza, candy

What do you love about NYC skating: I love the pace of the city.  New York City is recognized for crazy traffic and we are the elite green commuters.  Rivaled by only a few experienced city bikers, longboards can travel at a greater rate than any other mode of transportation…even subways!  I love that it takes 30 minutes to get from the top of Central Park to the South Ferry, and that the entire ride is exhilarating, AND that there exists a race to crown the fastest.  I can be in grave danger and know that no mode of transportation is faster or more efficient, that is security.  

 Who do you ride with:  Bustin Crew, Go Green Longboarding Crew, Earthwing Crew, ALC, Connecticut Crew, Jerz Crew, Central/South Florida Crews, King Solomon, James Soladay, Harlem’s Host, Adam Dabonka, Theseus, Davenport twins, Micku,  Elaine, Helen, Thad, Micah, my brother, Chris Preville, Cory Wilder, Mike D., Jess Corchia, Tall Brian, Jefferton, Lil Bud, Travis Bass, Cyp, Jeremy Victor, Kennedy, Tone, Kolt, Burns, Frankie Varga, Mike C, Zach & all my gangstars holdin’ down the streets.  Longboarders have eyes……….everywhere.

What is your recommended truck/wheel/bearing setup:  Randal R-II 150’s, reversed kingpin style with hard tall, fat bushings.  Bustin Bocas & Swiss Bearings for getting funky and Abec 11 83mm 78a Flywheels with Bones Super Swiss 6-ball for momentum & speed.  I like Abec 11 70mm 81a Grippins with Swiss Labyrinth shielded bearings for a faster roll and all around.

What do you to pay rent:  I devote my time to the growth of longboarding and swimming.  I work for Bustin Boards and I coach a NYC swim team.

What is your favorite skate spot in NYC:  Williamsburg Bridge and Broadway

 Where will longboarding be in 5 years:  In Space.

Where will you be in 5 years:  In Space

What do you do to relax:  Write, longboard, exercise, swim, eat, chillllll….. 



michael c dallas November 6, 2008 at 4:58 pm

great to read about your history and exploits, mike. I will keep reading your blog from time to time.


AD November 20, 2008 at 11:46 pm

Fuck, even Dad is reading this. Now that’s love!

addison August 22, 2009 at 2:54 am

i skate and im from eaton rapids

Dorothy Johnson March 12, 2016 at 12:38 pm

I skate because I am a fan of roller skates

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