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Will and Mike Hold It Down at the San Pedro Shred Fest

written by Will Royce April 5, 2013

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San Pedro had half pipes quarter pipes, rollers, two downhill sections ( kids and pro course), launch ramps and one huge banked wall. And that’s just the skate stuff.  There were also live bands, numerous food trucks and a plethora of companies all with booths set up to show off there swag. Bustin was one of the brands with a tent set up at the event spreading the stoke. We brought out the entire Yoface Series and had them all set up with primo skate gear for the kids to demo. Mike and I got there super early and secured a kush spot.  Bustin had the second booth ready to go next to Riviera, a perfect location next to the grom freeride hill.

Everything got started around 10am.  Skaters started killing the half pipe and flat section with ledges and rail. Groms were racing down the slide hill and everyone was getting a feel for the giant wall ride. Everything went smooth throughout the day with only one injury on the slide course and the crowd was giving out huge cheers left and right both on the halfpipe and the downhill. It all finished to quickly at 4pm, the scheduled end of the event. The ramps and booths were taken down packed up and everyone had smiles the rest of the day thanks to this controlled chaos. Stoked for next year, thanks Wheelbase Magazine.


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