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Will Royce ‘Caption Shrike Thermo’

written by TeamBustin January 5, 2018

Will Royce liked the new caption collection graphics so much that he paid a visit to the HQ to print up a few freshies for himself.  Wills been riding the ThermoGlass Shrike a lot lately so we worked with him to create a special Matte-Black x Rasta Edition.  When it was done, Will and the crew liked it so much that we decided to create a limited edition run that goes on sale today.

That’s not all… if you know Will, you know he’s all about making quality skate gear available to grassroots skaters with limited budgets. He travels the world hooking kids up with his old gear and finding ways to get quality components under up and coming skaters.  For this special series, Will volunteered his time to help us make them and agreed to sign them IF we offered them at a special price to support skaters who normally can’t afford high-end boards like the ThermoGlass Series.

We agree with Will and are stoked at the opportunity!  Will will be in town for just a few days pumping these out at a special price of $99 (normally $200).  Each deck will be hand-printed and signed by Will himself.  Grab one while you can at http://www.bustinboards.com/royce-shriketg







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