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Will Royce Reflects on the Philippine’s Longboard Scene

written by Rob Rodrigues April 16, 2015

Back in California 

“Some of the phillipinos where wondering why
I didn’t bring my leathers for the Philippine’s IDF race and its because I saw video of the race track from last year and noticed that it was a no sliding, full tuck race course is not really my strong point. Then we arrived at the race and I was shocked by the technicality of the NEW track. Fast, scary and lots of slides. I’m hoping they have it on the same road next year so I can come back and compete.”

Royce Philippines 2

“With that being said:
‪#‎chilippines2k15‬ had everything you could ever desire on a Skatecation, camping in hammocks with 300 of your best friends on the most beautiful beaches in the world was something out of a dream. Waking up at sunrise to go skate every day was magical. Just like the islands themselves. The events on the Islands where the most well organized, best put together extremely fun and on point events that I have ever attended. They have a well balanced number of events mixing it up between racing a lots of freeride days. Completely Run by skaters who party with you every night and are there with you every morning when you wake up trying to help everyone out in any way possible. Don’t have food, they will feed you. Lost your bag, they will help you find it. Need a hammock, someone will give one to you. They want nothing in return besides a few photos with you and all the stickers you can give them oh yea and also maybe some wheels if you have extra. It’s been an amazing trip and I can’t thank everyone enough for everything you helped me with.
As I got on the plane and sat down for takeoff I thought to myself, if this plane crashes, I’ll die happy. I have never felt that way before in my life. I can’t imagine not returning next year see you in the future Philippines and don’t forget I WUV YOU!”

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