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Will Royce’s Thermo Glass Stash

written by Josh Dunn December 8, 2016


Throughout fall and carrying into the current winter season, accompanying every contact or email exchange between Bustin HQ and Will Royce inevitably included was a request for a sample Thermo Glass Shrike for his shredding pleasure.  Until recently, the sled that we were able to supply was just the latest step within the proto-typing process but with the dropping of our production run of Thermo Shrikes for the holiday season, we knew we had to get one under Will’s feet ASAP. Plans were thrown together and Will was brought out to the East Coast from his usual Casa de Cali for a mission of shred atop what has become one of his favorite skateboards. Full documentation of the week long session that ensued was captured by our media mad geniuses Khaleeq and Matt with the digital evidence of this work trickling out over the past few weeks on all of our social sharing platforms. We are stoked to now be able to present to all of y’all out there a full video of Will being Will while riding “…the best board possible” deep in the back country of the North Carolina Mountains.

If you are interested in learning more of the fine details about this piece of high tech machinery, check out the Product Review done by Will and also the tech specs break down done by the boards designer Jonathan AKA Bubbles. Time and time again this board delivered unparalleled performance for Will no matter what he hucked or hacked while riding it and we are sure that the same could be said for all of your personal shred-ventures as well.



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