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William Royce Product Review: The Shrike

written by Josh Dunn November 22, 2016

Last Monday the Bustin Van high tailed it from its usual resting spot at HQ in Baltimore for a skate mission down into the backwoods of North Carolina in search of black top beasts fiercer than even Sasquatch. The human cargo consisted of my self, our newest Bustin Team Rider Matt K.,  our man behind the lens Khaleeq, and an amping William Royce who was successfully shipped across the country to come rekindle his old love affair with this regions roadways. After a solid week of skating roads that could have been paved for no other reason than for us to mob down them, Bill Rice has logged some literal mileage on both the stiffer Bamboo-X Shrike as well as the soon to be released Thermo Glass version and the results clearly speak for them selves.


Will taking his Shrike deep on the inside Photo: Khaleeq


The Shrike makes a perfect hiking partner even up the steepest of roads. Photo: Dunn

From beefy standies, mobbing hectic leaf littered straights, all the way to slashing around in the city,  The Shrike delivered top notch performance no matter what Will hucked it down. The newly beefed up plies in the Bamboo-x board added extra stiffness and strength to allow this board to handle high speeds with the same ease that it handled blasting city gaps  while the urethane bumpers on the Thermo kept his sled safe even after emergency ejections. After an entire week of skating that combined hitting some of steepest paved inclines in the country with getting wild in the streets and sidewalks around Baltimore, The Shrike lived up to its “Quiver Killer” reputation allowing Will freedom to skate literally anything and everything he could find.

“The Shrikes versatility gives it an advantage over most boards on the market. It is small and light weight making it great for flat ground but its also strong and study for skating downhill.” -William Royce


Beefed up plies means blasting fat ollies never felt so good. Photo: Khaleeq

For a full break down of the tech specs check out this recently published break down by the boards designer, Jonathan aka “Bubbles” which goes into the nitty gritty of what makes this board so unique. Also make sure to stay tuned right here on our blog for more media to be released from this savage week of skating as well as be on the look out for some special Will Royce + Shrike collaborations going down in the near future!


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