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(VIDEO) “William Royce: Skate Everything” by Brett Novak

written by TeamBustin August 10, 2016

Bustin Boards is proud to present the premier video collaboration between legendary filmmaker Brett Novak and the skate everything talents of William Royce. Shot recently in some of the most uniquely diverse terrain Southern California has to offer, this video is a reminder that skateboarding has no rules and no boundaries. Whether you’re smashin’ down mountain roads or flippin’ your shit at a local D.I.Y. spot, it’s all skateboarding and it’s everything you want it to be. Get some!!!!

#SkateEverything #forallwhopush

Film & Edit: Brett Novak

Follow-Car Footage: Alberto “Perropro” Alepuz

Producer: Marcus Bandy

Music: “Bradycardia” by Cullah


A couple of behind the scenes pics from the making of this video:

Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_2 (1 of 1) Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_3 (1 of 1)

Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_7 (1 of 1)Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_4 (1 of 1)

Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_1 (1 of 1)Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_5 (1 of 1) Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_6 (1 of 1) Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_8 (1 of 1) Brett_novak_William_rocye_Bustin_boards_Video_9 (1 of 1)


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