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World Aids Day and Cyber Monday

written by Ryan December 1, 2008

Bustin Boards Cyber Monday

For weeks now we have been hearing about how Cyber Monday is the new Black Friday.  Having worked in numerous open floor, cubicle corporate layouts in my days, the vision of the slow monday sneaky, shopping at your work computer trying to keep one ear to the footsteps of our annoying supervisor while you ignore work emails is familiar to me.  Its almost as though its a holiday or a half-day or something, as if everyone is on the same page in that a halfway focused work ethic is acceptable for the day.  Bu-ya, I love those kinds of days.

Today, however, is also Worlds Aids Day and we decided to focus on this as well.  Despite our troubled economy and relative misfortunes, it is important to remember that our circumstances are blessed and that much of the world is living in a much more intense struggle.  Today, for Worlds Aids Day, I first tried to imagine the extent of this horrible virus.  I can’t even get my head around the situations that must exist in places such as Cambodia, where it is common for children to lose both parents to Aids and then live wondering if you do or don’t have the disease.  We’ve all heard the grimmest of stories and it seems too cliche to attempt to tell another, but damn I wish that we could, collectively imagine a little more clearly what it means to be affected by aids.  One thing that I can imagine, is the confusion regarding why the rest of the world doesn’t do more to help you.  I can imagine thinking “you mean they have drugs that could save my mother?  but they won’t make enough for us?  because of money and politics?”.  I can’t imagine what my perspective of the human race would be if I had to ponder those questions.

All that said, we are trying to embrace today by helping with what we can and spreading awareness to those who will listen.  To that end, we are having a sale all week and donating $5 per board sold to Africa Aids’ Mobile Doctors Network.  We have worked with Africa Aid before and are proud to support this new initiative to bring practical relief to hurting people in Liberia.  Whether you buy a board or not, we hope you’ll take a look at this program and spread the word about how creative and practical approaches using the technology of the 21st century can help improve our world new ways.  Read more about the program here – www.africaaid.org/health.htm.

Thanks to everyone who supports Bustin Boards and embraces our vision to make awesome boards and spread positive energy throughout our world.


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