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Bustin Boards & OverBored – Skate Adventure USA 2009!

written by Mike October 1, 2008


photo: OverBored.org veggi bus

Bustin is proud to announce a revolutionary skate session aimed to raise green awareness.  Bustin Boards and Overbored NYC have teamed up to bring you the most widely publicized green skate effort in history. 

A multi-dimensional lifestyle brand designed to bridge the gap between pop culture and eco-conscious living. This link creates a dynamic marketing platform for partnering businesses and non-profits to reach the young demographic embracing urban­ized artistic, socially responsible and green lifestyles. The strategy is to launch the brand using an environmentally respectful multifaceted tour combining lifestyle, media, music, entertainment and adventure.

The mission is to skateboard from New York to Los Angeles (3,000+mi) to raise awareness of renewable energy as well as broader grassroots eco-initiatives. Eight selected skaters will be supported and followed by a multimedia “veggie” bus (pow­ered by renewable energy sources: waste vegetable oil (WVO), WVO-powered generators and solar). The skaters & veggie bus will visit colleges/universities and cities/towns to host music-driven events showcasing local eco-initiatives, demonstrating alternative transportation, inspiring creativity, and embracing adventure. At the end of the journey, a finale concert will be held in Los Angeles to celebrate the success of the mission and solidify the message of environmental responsibility.

The journey will be filmed as a documentary and produced for multi-platform distribution (Online: OverBored.org, YouTube, Vimeo + social networking sites) .  Videos will feature social and eco-conscious driven themes (alternative energy, political participation, organic living, and cultural diversity) and the adventure of the skate. The backdrop of the skaters’ interaction with each other and diverse com­munities across America will foster “reality-style” character development. Additionally, a live GPS system will track the skaters’ progress and location to engage online interaction.

Each skater will raise money and awareness for an environmental cause to which they are committed; video episodes will profile the skaters’ causes and capture their passion for a pro-active eco-conscious lifestyle. Attention will be drawn to female skaters and thereby raise their profile within the sport.

Individuals/organizations will sponsor the mission and/or skaters via bus-side advertising and/or mileage sponsorship, media partnerships, event partnerships, and multi-dimensional branding.

-Mike Dallas


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