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www.OverBored.org party at the Bustin Loft!

written by Mike May 15, 2009

Just a lil heads up on one of the illest parties in metro NYC.  www.OverBored.org is an organized group of die hard skaters and eco-conscious friends that will skate across America begining June 2009.  Bustin is inviting everyone and their mothers (i’ll be your mother’s lover, we can be brothers) to the loft Saturday evening for the fun.  Kegs, liquor, DJ’s at THE INFAMOUS BUSTIN LOFT!!! 

Hope a ride on the OverBored bus with the cool kids or meet all the cool kids at the loft.  10 blocks from the PATH train in Hoboken.  15 minuted underground, so easy!  $5 cabs anywhere in Hoboken or ride/walk the easy 10 blocks.  Zig Zag left right left till you get to 7th street and Grand.  So easy.

Remember to drink lots of water so you head feels fine in the morning;)

Have fun!

-mike dallas


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