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X Games: The last 3 dias

written by TeamBustin August 2, 2009

Lots of stuff going on so that’s why no one has written anything in the blog. Thurs was a blur with trying to get AAA to come unlock our truck, setting up the AAS booth in the Team ESPN tent, helping out on the moto track during Adaptive Moto and much, much more.

Long, hot days of extreme fun makes me realize why I love my life…because I get to participate in these kinds of things. Nick and I were on the track during the LIVE broadcast of the Adaptive Moto X race where Chris Ridgeway defended last year’s crown to capture a gold and Mike Schultz of Winter X snowmobiling fame took 2nd. We even got to help up rider George Hamil after a crash in the third lap. We got a little air time and helped him get back in the race, GO TEAM BUSTIN! It was absolutely amazing. One of the best feelings I have had in a while. Amy Purdy got to start the race while Daniel Gale spoke about each rider and talked about AAS’s mission and goals for the X Games.

After the race, we were lucky enough to make it to Staples Center for Freestyle Moto Best Trick. We got to see 2 attempts at a double back flip and Travis Pastrana’s 360 back flip (UPDATE 1Aug: the trick is now dubbed the Rodeo 720)(UPDATE again 6Aug: Tiolet Paper Roll is what it is being called now) which looks like something out of a video game. He didnt land it and crashed hard, but showed that he has bigger cojones than almost anyone in the world. Sick.

Today was an easy day and we got to watch a bunch of Moto finals as well as just take each other in. Amy and I got to take a drive back to the hotel and discuss AAS, Bustin and life in general. It was a great talk that got me even more motivated to help out these guys in anyway I can. I love this crew more with every passing moment we are lucky to spend together. Cant wait to see how tomorrow goes. Lots of filming, skate finals and most importantly RALLY FINALS! I may have to change my undies after that one.

Its late now and we are heading out to an ESPN industry party so wish us luck. We will have one for you on the west coast and you do the same for us back on the bEAST coast. Yup!


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Mike August 2, 2009 at 11:09 pm

i enjoyed one on the bEAST coast! Jersey Jumpoff was siiiiiick! we threw down hard, aaand we have an evil new prototype, DH funshape:) get the most out of your final dayz in LA boys!

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