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X Games: Wed before the start

written by TeamBustin July 29, 2009

0335, thats military time for 3:35AM, comes to quickly and we hustle our way out of the loft. Limo to the Path, Path to Penn Station, LIRR to Jamaica, Air Tran to JFK and onto Virgin Airlines heading to LAX. Club Virgin has a cabin filled with great music, purple and pink lighting to set the mood and several beautiful flight attendents to help make your flight the best it can possibly be. Please keep electronics off and your seats in their full upright positions until the captain turns off the no smoking sign.

I dont remember the flight because I was in and out of consciousness. Ask NIck to fill you in. Land in LA and immediately get picked up in the Element Skateboards van driven by our friends from AAS. Awesome. Element lent them a van for the entire X Games for nada, dope, thanks guys. Off to Home Depot Center to set up shop in the pits and to get our credentials. In the athlete’s tent Ken Block of DC Shoes and rally fame rolls through, Travis Pastrana gives Nick a “what’s up” head nod, Matt Hoffman gets called Mr Cooper by an unknowing security guard, and Ryan Sheckler is smaller than he looks on TV. That’s all with in the first 2 hours, not bad.

Get creds and walk the lot. Check the pits where Metal Mulisha has a sick setup, the Yamaha truck surpasses anything that I have ever seen, Rockstar is giving Monster a run for its money and literally millions of dollars in shiny doped out cars roam the pit. Set up the tents for AAS’s area, eat, watch the Moto X Freestyle practice and hang around watching the X Games world go by. Cant say it was a bad start to this year’s games.

In and Out burger for dinner, YES!!! now sitting in bed debating a beer with the Adaptive crew. We will see how the night goes…


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Ryan July 31, 2009 at 1:42 pm

Did you really just write limo to the path?

brett July 31, 2009 at 5:22 pm

Ken is the man! I’m really, really psyched to see him perform at X15. I hope he can win himself a gold this year. Anyone else catch that featurette on ESPN? It really gave some great insight into one of the most interesting characters on the scene, definitely worth checking out.

Also I was stoked that they featured “Sons of Cain” by Ted Leo + Pharmacists – I’ve loved that band since their first album and thought the song makes the perfect Ken Block soundtrack. You can check out the whole video at http://displacedbrett.wordpress.com/2009/07/31/being-ken-block/

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