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Yoface is LIVE – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Ryan May 18, 2012

Look close, this is not your average skateboard. The Bustin Yoface is a 35-inch bowl-riding, tech sliding, street skating, olliable city cruiser featuring a comfortable but aggressive concave and curves throughout the deck that add to it’s stiffness as well as it’s pop.  Many of today’s city skaters are finding themselves eyeing bigger, softer wheels, unwilling to give up their double kicks and being forced to add loads of riser pads to compensate for wheelbite.  Enter the Yoface, a world where this problem is drastically reduced by a custom mold with wheel wells pressed into the shape and then further sanded out for maximum clearance over the wheels. In practice, the wells also provide for more foot-locking concave in the tech sliding position than any deck on the market.  The radial tail retains a mild concave outside of the bolt holes and provides for more grip and extra stiffness for added pop.  Proudly made in the USA and proudly bridging the gap between longboarding and skateboarding.  As always, the Bustin Yoface is available to customize through our online Build-A-Board Program as a Limited Edition Graphic or Fully Custom Graphic.  For all the specs and more details on the concept, please visit the Yoface Specs page at BustinBoards.com.

Also, to compliment the new Yoface deck we worked with SurfRodz to develop a brand new Indeesz 159 complete truck.  This special edition truck and custom bushing setup (included and assembled) has been dialed in to work perfectly with the Yoface wheel wells for tech sliding and freestyle skating.  Learn more a the Surfrodz/Bustin Collabo 159mm truck specs page.

New Bustin/Surf-Rodz Collabo 159 Indeesz Longboard Skateboard Truck

Bustin Boards NYC is a Brooklyn based, grassroots company started by skaters and run by skaters.  Our focus is on progressing the sport of skateboarding and we are obsessed with taking our products to the next level of engineering and design.  We eat, sleep and breathe skateboarding and are constantly tweaking and changing our processes to make better products at better prices. Nonetheless, we do this all out of a love for life and our principles come first.  We try to hard to build our company, our team and our community around the concept of family.  We skate hard from bridge to bridge, coast to coast, continent to continent, pushing our skills and our products to the highest levels of competition.  But, at the end of the day, we realize that skateboarding and longboarding are about having fun and being free.  Following the Bustin Family via our website, our blog, our Facebook page and our twitter page.  Skate hard and hit us up if your in NYC!  One Love from Bustin Brooklyn.


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