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Yofaces in Yo’ Faces – The Bustin Yoface Series Rundown

written by TeamBustin March 15, 2013

The Yoface invasion has begun. Three decks in 3 sizes are available today for a variety of different riding styles, all sporting the same general features for a seamless transition from one deck to another. Skateboarder, longboarder, human rocket ship…whatever you want to call yourself, you can ride one of these decks.

3-D Wheel wells rise up 1/8-inch form the concave, providing comfortable foot locators and enhancing the pockets between the wheel wells and tails without getting in the way during tricks. The added sanded wheel wells help to create over 1/4-inch of extra wheel clearance over your average skate deck.

Yoface Decks

In most aspect of life, curves are sexy when they have form and function. This is the mantra behind Bustin design. When you look at that picture above, we want one thought going through all of our heads: I want to put my feet in that. We can’t speak for the rest of the world, but this is how we feel about these decks, these curves. This is not some futuristic design before its time. This is now. And it’s awesome!

The details are all over the web. I won’t bore you with too much of that. I will give you a little extra info on setups though, and some of my personal insight that I have taken from the development of these boards, and hopefully that will help people who have some questions in their mind.

Yoface32 Side

The Yoface 32 is officially 31.675 inches long and just about 8.675 (that .675 is 5/8″) wide at the widest point, which is in the very middle of the deck. It’s got a tiny 13.75″ wheelbase with big 6 3/4″ tails. It is a bit short and wide (there are words for that) but this was done to make the board extremely agile and nimble but also comfortable. The deck has tons of pop. David Anders is the best “short boarder” we have in our shop. He does every trick I know exists both regular and switch. Meanwhile he’s teaching me what I keep doing wrong with my kickflips. We lined the Yoface32 up to his favorite deck, and it took him no time to get used to. His ollies are every bit as huge, he’s nailing all his technical tricks, and he’s still ripping it up on our weekly mini ramp sessions. AND he has a new deck of choice, which means a lot to us. His old board is collecting dust (give that thing away already!). It’s good to see him popping frontside flips down the hall on a Bustin.


At roughly 8.5 inches wide, the Yoface32 is ideally fit with centerset skate wheels and approximately 149mm/8.5-inch trucks. We have chosen to offer it with Indy 149s and Gullwing Shadow 8.5″ trucks on our website. There are boatloads of skate trucks out there that will work, though. With the added clearance, popping on a set of 64mm Five-Os for everyday cruising is totally possible without riser. Gotta love that versatility. Smaller trucks have less up and down travel, so you will rarely have any issues with bite on this deck as long as you are smart about setting it up. It’s the easiest “short board” to set up without bite ever!


The 35 is still rolling strong. As a team favorite for 2012, we chose to change only a couple aesthetic details, and we took into account all the feedback we’d gotten on the deck since its release and updated the nose and tail shape. Our riders really wanted to be able to do it all on the board, and rounder kicktails results in easier flip tricks for all you technical riders out there. Having a smaller profile also makes this deck a little lighter and a little more air friendly.

Sanchez Air

This deck measures in at 9.125″ wide and 34.675″ long, give or take a few thousandths
of an inch. Ideally, it is set up with 9″ trucks. The best trucks we have found for this deck are the Indy 169mm (which actually measure more like 163mm), Gullwing 9″ Shadows and Pro-III trucks, and what we chose to put on our completes, the Polar Bear 155mm. Polar Bears are so low that you can set them up with 1/4″ riser (this is how it will come stock) and it still sits almost exactly as low as an Indy. The plus side, however, is that they are easily one of the strongest trucks on the market, with reinforced bracing built into the design, and the bushings respond very nicely when you tighten them down, so your ride is much more easily adjustable. It’s a win, win, and that’s why they’re our top recommendation. 1/4″ risers, Polar Bear 155mm and some 64mm centerset Bustin Five-Os are like a portable stoke-gasm. Don’t get weirded out about that…it’s a good thing.


Our newest pride and joy is the Yoface39. We hate to play favorites, but we find this to be the most versatile board of the bunch…call us longboarders, I guess, but hey, we like to go fast and stuff! The 39, with its multiple wheelbase options for switching between TKP skateboard mode and RKP go-fast mode, is extremely versatile. As an 8-ply deck, it’s not the most lightweight of the bunch, but the huge nose and tails give it tons of leverage and it still gets up in the air without argument. The nicest thing about doing tricks with a big deck is all the footspace that you have to land on the board once its in the air.

Royce Yoface39

Though your ollie might be a couple inches lower, the 39 makes up for it with more versatility on the speed spectrum. The wheelbases range from 19 to 21 inches. The outermost holes are designed to be used with trucks that bring in the wheelbase a lot, like Calibers or Aeras, for example. Most RKPs will line up on the outer old-school hole pattern and allow the wheels to fall right into the center of the wheel wells. This board is 9.5 inches wide and designed with 180mm-ish trucks in mind. That’s the majority of your downhill trucks, Indy 215s, and we chose to hook it up on our completes with Polar Bear 180mm trucks. Again, 1/4″ riser and you’re good to go and still sitting low. I ride my 39-incher with Bones 54mm skate wheels on the mini ramp and then switch it over to our 64mm Five-Os for everyday cruising/sliding/whatevering. I have hooked it up with my Ronins on occasion and 35mph downhill runs plus high speed sliding felt AWESOME. And yes, the 39 is a boss on the mini. Surf-style all day!

Hope this has been useful and got you pumped for these news decks. We sure are here! We are finding reasons all day long to ride down the hallway to communicate with one another. Yea, we have an intercom system on our phones, but when there’s a Yoface next to you, it’s much more fun to skate 50 feet and attempt a kickflip along the way. They’re getting better every day!

Last thing I wanted to say about these decks is that they’re as reasonably priced as we could afford to make them. We really want everyone who is interested in riding them to ride them, and to do it without fear. They are STRONG decks, but as William Royce said to me after he became the first and only rider to snap the Yoface32, “Welcome to the world of skateboarding.” Go ahead and Click this link for more info, to set up your virtual deck, and to make a purchase. Your feet will thank you later!

Jeff V from Bustin B signing out.


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Thomas April 3, 2013 at 1:52 am

is the yoface 39 light enough for harder flip tricks like tre-flips? or is it too difficult to do them?

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